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Article taken from The News Center. Click here to see the original article.

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) – The League of Women Voters of Wood County held its annual dinner Tuesday night. The league is a nonpartisan organization that helps shape public policy and promotes participation in government. The guest speaker talked about economic development in Wood County.

Lindsey Piersol is the Director of the Wood County Development Office. Piersol touched on the Hino plant expansion that will add 250 jobs. She says other suppliers are interested in fanning out around the plant. The low cost of living in the area makes it attractive, along with the low cost of acreage.

Piersol also discussed the recent closures of the Kmarts in Vienna and south Parkersburg. Piersol says the closer the property is to the Grand Central Mall, the more likely it is to be filled.

“When the Kmart in Vienna first closed, I said right off the get-go, I didn’t think there would be a problem filling that and they’ve had many, many people go and check out that facility. I can’t say who they are as of yet, but they do have a lot of interest. I think if and when the Toys R Us does close, you’ll see the same thing happen there,” said Piersol.

One chain is using the mall’s location to its benefit. The P-M Company says a Starbucks is coming to the mall’s north entrance in late summer.

For more information on doing business in Wood County, contact Piersol at 304-422-5650 or email Lindsey@DevelopWoodCountyWV.com

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