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PARKERSBURG NEWS & SENTINEL — With different names they operate under, local development officials announced Wednesday the county economic development organization will now be known as Wood County Economic Development.

The name came after there has been confusion as who organizations and businesses needed to deal with regarding businesses located to the area and who existing businesses needed to deal with in regard to local questions and inquiries.

The organizations have gone under the names of the Wood County Development Authority, the Parkersburg-Wood County Area Development Corporation and the Area Roundtable.

The Area Roundtable was the umbrella organization that many of these functions fell under and the name stuck locally, said Director Lindsey Kerr Piersol.

However, many folks from outside the area got confused believing there was a number of organizations to go through. Some people confused the Area Roundtable with the Economic Roundtable in Marietta.

”We did this to let people know we are the county development entity,” Piersol said of the rebranding initiative.

The organization has changed its Facebook page and posted the new logo.

They are planning to launch a new website within the next few days, Piersol said. The plans were originally to launch the website at the start of the new year, but issues prevented that from happening, she added.

The goal of the initiative is to let prospective businesses learn about this area and provide existing businesses with information. It will inform businesses of the permits, taxes and fees they will have to be aware of in this area as well as other information new and existing businesses need to know.

”We hope it will drive new employers to locate here and for existing businesses to be able to grow,” Piersol said. ”This will also let the business community know who we are and how they can grow their businesses here.”

People with questions or seeking other information can call the office at 304-422-5650 or email Piersol at


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